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African American Cuisine

African American Cuisine originated from African styles of preparations and cooking. African Slaves brought many vegetables and fruits from their native land to the American South. African American Food has always been very diverse and flavorful. This method of cooking has been passed down from generation to generation, and has changed with the time. With Changing perceptions of "Healthy" eating, it has changed the methods in which "Soul Food" is now prepared. We are now introducing Cathy's own personal style and flavor to some foods that are considered to be Good Old Fashion African American Home Cooking.


Soul Food
Looking for some good ole
fashion soul food? Try Cathy's
favorite dishes passed down
from generations!

The perfect dish to have
a nice romantic evening!
Don't forget to add your
favorite wine!

Fun Foods
Make something quick &
full of flavor! Great for
those days when it's
too hot to go outside.