C. Jenkins Company & Cathy's Kitchen

C. Jenkins Company opened its doors in 1992 under the name Aujuord Hui, which means " today." We specialized in the art of hand cut and hand made neckties from fine silk fabrics.

Our intial sales of neckties were door to door and after a short period of time we began hosting necktie shows in local hotels to promote the sales of our handmade neckties. However, our poor sales from door to door, necktie shows, and conventions caused us to seek stability in a retail market. We met with the general manager of a Missouri mall and opened a kiosk in downtown St. Louis. Later, we were offered our very first store in that same local mall. Fabric draped the span of one wall, framed art pictures of silk neckties bordered the store, and Cathy Jenkins sat at her sewing machine in the front display window. However, its beauty attracted more onlookers than customers. Aujourd Hui Hand Made Necktie store was short-lived and eventually was closed. We recovered quickly and Cathy would soon open yet another necktie store located in Columbia, MO. In spite of her preseverance, the Columbia location was met with the same fate as its predecessor. Forced to reconsider the company's direction, Cathy and her husband began to seek direction from God. God answered them in the form of a vision that would forever change the way and the means in which they would do business. Through this vision a chemical was developed. This chemical would allow fabric to be pretreated, which gives customers the ability to print permanent images on fabric with inkjet printers. This pioneering product is known today as Bubble Jet Set 2000. As a result, a true personal handmade necktie could be produced with the touch of a button.
Bubble Jet Set 2000 catapulted the company in a new groundbreaking direction, from this C. Jenkins Company was born into existence. Although, Bubble Jet Set 2000 was the first chemical product to be developed and manufactured, it was not the last. Other products such as Bubble Jet Rinse, C. Jenkins Freezer Paper, Miracle Fabric Sheets, UV Protectants, Stiff and Fix, and many more were also developed as a part of the solution to help the industries ability to print fabric at lower cost and smaller quantities. These products are all praised by distributors and manufactures across the world. They have even brought recognition from companies such as Hewlett Packard, Mattel, NASA and many more.
Our Vision
Cathy Jenkins CEO and President, was given an amazing gift by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, her ability to love. From sheer desire and devotion for her family, Cathy sought the Lord for direction. She was blessed with a phenomenal vision from God to sew handmade neckties. With a sewing machine from J.C. Penny Outlet, she began piecing her vision together one stitch at a time. She has continued to follow her vision and has proven dreams do come true.