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    In the early 1990's we began developing a new way to print on fabric. This development soon led us to create the product known today as Bubble Jet Set 2000. However, some 10 years later we have realized that many of you do not understand the proper use of the product or understand the basic chemistry. This article is designed to reeducate our customers on the possibilities of this product and the proper use to achieve the best printed fabrics. The Bubble Jet Set 2000 is a complex resin formula designed to make permanent images on fabric when using ink jet printers. Basically, it is the missing element in ink jet inks which is used to bond inks to fabrics. The Bubble Jet Set 2000 formula will bond up to 95% of the ink to the fabric when using natural fabrics. The Chemistry behind the product This is a water based formula that is classified as non-hazaradous. We receive alot of emails asking how dangerous is this product. So lets see if we can answer this questions for once and for all.
     It is a non flammable product because of its water based contents. Also, we recommend you do not freeze the product but if you allow to thaw naturally it will maintain the basic formula. The product will not create harmful vapors and in most cases you will not even smell the product once opened. It contains less than .001% formaldehyde and by law it is not necessary to list if under .1% by volume. You can find formaldehyde in urea-foam insulation, plywood, carpeting, paper products, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, fabric dyes and permanent press clothes, inks and disinfectants. It is even used in air and carpet deodorizers. What is important to note is that Bubble Jet Set 2000 has less formaldehyde in the solution than all of those products that you use everyday. In comparison, the Bubble Jet Set 2000 formula is safer than many of your disinfectants and cosmetics. However, all these products may cause some to have allergic reactions so we recommend that our customers use rubber gloves and use in well ventilated areas. Finally, we ask the the questions is it safe for babies? We do not recommend it for the use of baby clothes because we cannot test the fabric you will used to create your projects. Many fabrics are treated with different chemicals and we do not have the ability to test every fabric that is created.
     How do I use the Bubble Jet set 2000? It is important to note that you must follow the detailed instructions on the bottle in order to achieve a permanency rate of 95%. Most quilters and crafters have what we called best practices. These procedures will work but will not yield the same results as the instructions on the label. So lets take each step together to create the perfect image on fabric. Step 1 Shake well and pour Bubble Jet Set 2000 into a flat pan. It does not matter if the pan is plastic, or metal. Step 2 Cut fabric sheets and submerge them into the solution of the Bubble Jet Set 2000. Allow to soak for atleast 5 minutes. Do not wring solution out of the fabric but allow to dry by laying flat on a towel. You may blow dry to speed up drying time (do not dry in your household dryer) Step 3 Once fabric is dry Iron fabric to the shiny side of the freezer paper. For better results use C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets. Step 4 Print on fabric side with a ink jet or bubble jet printer and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. This will not work with a laser printer! Step 5 Peel fabric away from freezer paper. Take a flat pan or bowl and fill with 1 gallon of cold water. Add 4 cap fulls of Bubble Jet Rinse per gallon of water. Quickly submerge one printed sheet at a time and agitate continuously for 2-3 minutes. Also, it is important to rinse one sheet at a time so the image does not transfer onto the other piece of fabric. Step 6 Allow fabric to dry by laying flat on a towel or blow dry for faster results.
     Once you have completed these steps you are now ready to make your quilt or other craft projects. Many customers decide not to attempt step 5 and realize later that your item is not 100% permanent. The rinsing of the product is very important because you are responsible for creating the chemical reaction. The Bubble Jet Rinse or a mild detergent creates this reaction when you begin agitating for the 3 minutes. In addition, we have found many customers try to attempt step 5 after they have completed their quilts. This creates a big problem because you can not create the chemical reaction with such a large item and images will bleed upon one another. However, if you complete each step and sew your project after step 6 you will be completely satisfied with the results. The Basics There is some simple rules that will always give you great results when using the Bubble Jet Set 2000. Make sure you are using a ink jet printer and 100% cotton or 100% silk for starters. Also, it is very important to rinse the fabric sheets with the Bubble Jet Rinse before you make your final project. Remember the chemical does not protect your ink from UV rays so don't hang outside or it will fade away in a couple of months. The printed fabric will fade after each washing just as any other fabric you purchased. Finally, be patient and follow the directions on the bottle and you are guaranteed perfect results every time.
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